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The Triune Crème Model

The Flagship Artist Model Guitar.  Tonality embodying the best of three worlds, conjuring thick rich tones of that Allman Bros and Dickey Betts Era. Sweet soulful fusion jazz tones of Larry Carlton, and those skanky notched tones of that 70’s Funk Era. Les Paul, 335 and Strat, it’s all here without compromise at your fingertips with a flip of a switch. Playability and feel, along with tone, and striking good looks collimate together to make a guitar stands out and be what it is. 


Only Master Grade Woods are used, all hand selected for appearance, weight, moisture content and most importantly tonal resonance. The One Piece Honduras Mahogany chambered body has a bookmatched hand carved Exhibition Grade Maple Top and the quarter sawn 25” scale Flamed Maple Neck is matched with a Ziricote Fingerboard. SIngleton/Duncan  pickups “Powers” this guitar along with Hipshot tuners, a Hipshot tremolo and Dunlop straploks for hardware. We also employ Temper Tuning to this beauty, making every effort to make this guitar the absolute best and most versatile instrument available on the planet.




* In Maui Waters Fade with Ghost System Acoustic / Midi Option*

Del Prime Model

This model is bent on classic tradition with a very cool modern vibe - a single cut Axe that delivers richness in every note. With the 25” scale neck, you’ll notice the comfort of playing as you create textures unique to your style of playing.


As the artist, you will shine, as you are free to paint like never before. Be it in live performances or studio settings. This guitar really sings! A one piece mahogany body with hallow chambers and an exotic hand carved top will deliver tones that will cause you never want to put it down.


* In Natural  Mango Top with  3rd Single Coil Option *

Satari Rising Model


The Satari Rising Model is my newer baby and was not designed as a guitar for the public but was originally built for my own personal working instrument.


Nonetheless, other musicians began to take notice and really liked what they saw and heard. So here it is available for those who want something truly unique.


The Satari Rising is 25.5” scale version of the Triune Crème with the added “JimVibe” reverse headstock. It takes me back as it carries me forward.................. What can I say "Killer Axe"!

* In Planet Affies finish *

Forecast Model

 This is my way of doing a Strat! I always loved that “skank”, that “funk”, that “grit” that comes from those three single coil pickups. A Swamp Ash body and a maple neck - man, can you beat that sound?


So with that premise in mind there had to be an axe that would bring you back to that 70’s sound so many of the guitar gods of the time were using.


The Forecast is the guitar that’ll take you there.  Just a straight up alder or ash body to deliver super clean tones with a “sparkle” for which a Singleton is best known. The Forecast will take you into heavy weather and allow you to maneuver in and around the deepest of waters and cut through the mix!  


A classic tone and a modern look to ensure all eyes are on YOU!!

* In Satin Finish with Buckeye Burl Top and Custom Wood Knobs  Options*

Crossroads Model

 There has to be one in every company's line and this is ours! What name could be better suited for it other than the “Crossroads” model? And it is exactly that!


So at NAMM 2006 it premiered in the lineup with other models to make its statement to the Country and Blues scene. This instrument is very traditional in many ways and yet modern as well. The Louisiana Swamp Ash body gives her the tone that’s incredibly clear and ambient with just the right amount of highs. The tone is then extended with the use of 2 custom Singleton pickups. Balanced just the way it should be between the neck and bridge output. A 4-way switch is also added, to give more tonal flexibility. This baby really sounds good, no matter what kind of music you play.

* In Trans Orange with Quilted Maple Top Option*

 Norman Brown Archtop Model

*In Phoenix  Sunset finish*

This is the "guitar players" Guitar – I am extremely proud of this model - a hollow body Jazz Archtop which does not  feedback! A Guitar that delivers one the fattest, rich tones you’d ever want to hear from a small body Archtop. A Highly figured Exotic Top with Red Cedar back and sides. A single Humbucking Singleton/ Syemour Duncan Pickup with a Graphtech Ghost Hexophonic Acoustic System. This guitar comes alive with a voice uniquely its own.  Allowing Norman's sophisticated stylings to be "felt" with each note he hits!





 The CoolBop is the guitar from which the Norman Brown model was born from.  It is truly a masterpiece of tone and styling that “sings” like only a Singleton can. The hand carved figured Exotic Top with Red Cedar back and sides combine a richness that can best be described as "voluptuous beauty".  The feel, the tone, and the look all culminate together making this guitar completely balanced!

*  In Burnt Honey Drop finish*

                                          Capella Model

The Capella Model Guitar is a straight-up plug it in and play Guitar. Focusing on great tone and great playability! It's tone is very reminiscent of the early 60"s. Rock vibe is definintely there as well as Blues and of course Funk!  A USA handmade Guitar for under $2000!!

*In Seafoam Green  with  Maple Fingerboard Option*

Equinox and Norman Brown II  Model


The latest addition to the Singleton line is the Norman Brown II  Model!

The NB II model 
Smooth Jazz Thinline Axe!
Probably the most "organic' sounding electric you've ever heard!!

This is my latest creation, due to a TONE that I had in my mind for long time now, and I'm very proud to say " it's come to be realized"! An axe that speaks to your spirit with each note you hit.

The NB II creates a "vibe" that is unique to allow each player, allowing you to express yourself as never before.

*Norman Brown II in Transparent Sangria Finish


Sensei5  and Sensei4 Model



* In OC Orange Burst with Quilted Maple Top Option*



This instrument sets the “New Standard”!  In the early 1970’s, Alembic started the trend of blending exotic woods together to create true works of art. 


The basses incorporated active pickups and preamps, producing a whole new dimension of sound, and builders have pushed that envelope ever since. 


The Sensei restores this standard of excellence.  The Sensei bass adds an exotic touch to a traditional platform to give an acoustic tone that is rich and full. 


The active circuitry augments that acoustic tone and creates versatility for any style of playing.  The same philosophy for building guitars is the focus for all our basses. 


We use only the best tone woods to produce the perfect color and allow the electronics to shape that color. 


You can hear all the nuances of your fingers through this instrument, which creates an excellent tool of expression for the individual artist. 


The weight, shape, and design of the body, plus an extremely comfortable and familiar neck, contribute to the excellence and artistry of this instrument.

* in Autumn Fade with Quilted Maple Top and Black Hardware  Option*

Hyrda Model 

The Hydra Bass is very much like The Capella Guitar - just plug it in and Thump or walk if you prefer. This Bass has Great tone and is super comfortable and plays like  one of your old favorites- Modern style meets "Ole Skool". With just a single  Humbucking Pickup it delivers all the tone you need. A USA handmade Bass for under $2000


* In Satin Charcoal with Maple fingerboard Option*

Andromeda6 Model

IThis the Bass I had in my head for several years . Nothing is more powerful than the Growl of a 6 string bass with a Low-end Bottom that just won't quit! Sparkly highs, killer lows and all the control you want with the 4 band EQ Due to it's design and weight this bass balances perfectly. The Asysmectrical neck makes it easy to play all the up and down the neck with full access to all 24 frets. That's what the Andromeda6 gives you - Vibe ,tone, tone and did I mention TONE! Look out you'll be hooked! 

* In Natural  with  Zebrawood Top and Black Hardware Option*

Stallar Funk

The Stallar Funk Is our Latest addition to the Bass line up.

Embracing to world Famous tones the Musicman Basses of the 70's, this model takes it a little further with tonal palette with the Modern JB pickup. The foundation of the tone is from the  Basswood Body and the Maple Top adds the right amount of high end "sparkle" to cut and deliver in any Style of playing. The Nordstrand Preamp is the perfect complement to our custom Singleton/Nordstand Pickups. The Stallar Funk is a Bad Motha(shut your mouth)!

*In Cherry Burst with Cherry Flamed Neck*
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