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Norman Brown - Grammy Award Winner

Hi...This is GRAMMY Award winner Norman Brown. I have played many guitars throughout my life including Ibanez GB SERIES, Gibson, Eastman, etc. throughout that time still needing to search for versatility in one axe that stays true to each character of sound. 

For the past several years I have been playing a Singleton Norman Brown Custom Model and it is the guitar that I have been looking for! It is a very comfortable hollow body that has no F holes and no tail piece, therefore feedback is non existent.  It has been very difficult to find a hollow body guitar that I could play at high volumes, used distortion
and get over my band without feedback. This guitar does exactly that!



The neck plays like "BUTTER"....Smooth and even, fitting my hand to a tee! My fingers dance to the addition, this guitar has an acoustic pick up that can be switched on with ease and sounds wonderful acoustically! This pick-up also has a midi function that allows me to interact with my soft synths, tracking fabulously.

The main pick-up is powered by a 9 volt battery and sounds like a million bucks...  a warm, full, and resonating tone roars from the amp. This allows me to express my ideas as I hear them in my head as they flow from the "Think-Tank" with spirit moving inspiration. I love this guitar!!!

Cosmetically speaking, it is simply Beautifully Gorgeous! A deep, warm, rich texture of top notch painting craftsmanship creates a heavenly glow from the stage. All of my fans as well as other top players often comment on its beauty and its sound.

With my Singleton NB Series Guitar, I can get my be-bop on, I can hip-hop rhythm, and hit the pedals and rock out then quiet things down and be acoustic. Plus I can communicate with my computer and get all of my creative ideas documented.                                    

Check out Singleton Guitars, I am confident that you will find the quality, feel, look and sound that you are searching for.

Thank you Singleton Guitars!!!                      


 ~ Norman Brown ~

Aaron James / Bassist

  • Grammy winning bassist with Gregory Porter

  • New York Session Player


Hi my name is Aaron James. When I was approached by Singleton Guitars about a bass, my first thought was what do I want. When I was coming up, I stuck mostly to jazz and played the upright specifically for 15 years. I couldn't imagine that I could get back into the electric bass game. But I was blessed to be given a unique opportunity: create the bass that I wanted. I currently work with the singer Gregory Porter, and our style of soulful, gospel tinged jazz let me feel I could open a door to using more than the upright bass. The Singleton Sensai Five custom fretless bass that I received answered my prayers. I started taking it to random sound checks on the road, just to get the feel on stage. The groove factor of this bass keeps in line with my style of funk upright, and playing with the  band was tighter than even the acoustic bass feels that I usually play with them. Finally, one day I got to play a show with my new bass and even thought the reaction
from the audience and my band was super, my own elation with the show was on my face for days. Light weight, good action, and a EQ variable thats not just superior to any electric I've owned, but easy to set for me, a musician trying to discover a sound. Working with Singleton Guitars, I was able to get the bass I wanted, to play the way I wanted. Period. That's the way it should be when you need to find an instrument to yourself. The groove is alive!

 ~Aaron James~


Michelle Lucas / Bassist

  • MD Session Player

  • Billy Thompson Band

  • Skyla Burrell Blues Band



"I have been looking for a light-weight, perfectly balanced bass for a long time.  The moment I picked up the Sensei5, I knew that I had found it.  I love the clarity and punch of its amazingly rich tone, and how effortlessly the neck plays I can't bring myself to pick up my Fenders or my Lakland anymore. .  Thank you, Touch, for this gorgeous bass!"

~Michelle Lucas~




Dean Brown / Guitarist

  • NY Session Player

  • Dean Brown Band

  • Billy Cobham

  • Marcus Miller

  • MI Instructor

"Singleton Guitars are beautifully constructed and wonderful to play.  The attention to detail and sound palette are rare even in the world of custom instruments. The hollow chambers in my DB Level resonate in a way that really makes it sound and feel like a much bigger guitar. Thanks, Touch!"



"I love my Singleton guitar! It plays great, sounds great and looks great! On my guitar the action is perfect, its effortless, real easy and smooth to play. It's almost like I can play faster on this instrument. There is a variety of sounds and colors I can create with the custom pickup configuration. I would recommend the Singleton guitar to anyone who takes their playing seriously!"

                                                 ~Jeff Richman~ 

Jeff Richman / Guitarist

  • LA Session Player

  • Jeff Richman Band

  • MI Instructor


Oz Noy / Guitarist

  • "A" List Session Player

  • Oz Noy Band

"Fantastic sounding guitar, feels great to play. Extraordinary craftsmanship, as good as it gets" You can tweak it as you like.


~Oz Noy~   



"I owned 19 Basses from Vintage Fenders to Ken Smiths for session work and could cover any situation.  But this Bass has its own voice that I couldn't find in any of the others. 


I now own 20 Basses!"


~Reggie McBride~

Reggie McBride / Bassist

  • LA Session Player

  • Rod Stewart

  • Keb Mo

  • Robert Cray

Rayf Gilliard / Bassist

  • Bobby Womack

  • LA Session Player

"I’ve had bass endorsements with other companies before but this instrument is the most incredible Bass I have ever played to date!"


~Rayf Gilliard~

"I am extremely ecstatic about my Singleton Bass. It has really clean low end and very clear highs for a well balanced sound. After a 25 year run without ever having to purchase a bass I played the Singleton line and had to have one. Thanks Touch  for making such a great bass."

~Charles Glen~

Charles Glen / Bassist

  • Little Richard

  • Ozone

  • Teena Marie

  • Charles Glen Band

Larry LP Pitts / Guitarist

  • Studio Owner/Producer

"I own guitars from Gibson to Fender. I think that Singleton Guitars are the best on the planet. The woods and the craftsmanship is second to none - they play like a dream! Be it gig or session there’s always a Singleton on the date!


 ~Larry"LP" Pitts~


Ray Weeper Fuller / Guitarist

  • LA Session Player

  • George Duke

  • Whitney Houston

  • George Benson

  • Urban Knights


"Touch-O-Matic, you did it! Beautiful tone, great looks,  The Weeper guitar is a joy to play and I love the feel. I don't know how you did it but It dosen't feedback!"




"The Singleton guitar is aesthetically pleasing and an awesome axe to play! I love how light and comfortable it is and the various sound combinations it offers. I use it in live performances and numerous recording situations. I've received many platinum plaques that my Singleton guitar has been recorded. Every time I use my Singleton guitar the accolades keep flowing from onlookers noting how beautiful it looks and sounds! I love my Singleton guitar so much that I've commissioned the guitar's designer, Touch Singleton to customize my next guitar! I love his selection in choice woods, design chamber construction and superb electronics incorporation! Thank you Touch for creating the perfect tool for me to execute my innermost expressions!!!


~Glenn Jeffery~

Glenn Jeffery / Guitarist

  • Jay - Z

  • Kanye West

  • John Legend

  • Janet Jackson

  • Ne-Yo

  • The Game



David Gilmore / Guitarist

  • Sun Ra

  • Wayne Shorter

  • Lenny White

  •  Me'shell N'Degeocello

  • Joss Stone

The Triune Creme is quite possibly the most comfortable and natural

feeling guitar in my collection. From the moment I first picked it up, I felt ‘at

home’. it is simply effortless and organic to play, with it’s silky smooth

neck, deep cutaway and recessed neck joint. On a sonic level, the Triune

is crazy versatile - from warm Jazzy tones to skanky funk to all out B-tothe-

W shredding. It is my go-to guitar for so many of my projects. And if

that weren’t enough, they are aesthetically gorgeous works of art. Looking

forward to my next Singleton Guitar!!!


                                                 ~David Gilmore~


I've always wanted a bass that was very light weight and had the ability to give me various tones. That's exactly what I received when I played the Andromeda6. This bass is beautiful and the 4-band EQ allows me to get any tone I desire when I need it. Touch, this bass is the truth in every aspect and turn heads and opens ears every time I pull it out of the gig bag to play it!

                                              ~ Kerry Mike~





Kerry Mike/Bassist

  • Positive Disturbance

  • Theresa Grayson

  • Houston Session Player

  • Various Artist








Russell Jackson / Bassist

  • BB King

  • Legendary blues Session Player

My Singleton Sensei4' the BASS that lets me do anything  I want  and can produce any sound I have in my head. I simply love it!!

                                      ~Russell Jackson~



~Howard Westbrook~


It has been an enlightening experience to finally have an axe that does everything, sounds absolutely wonderful the neck the weight the feel and craftsmanship, I get nothing but compliments on my Custom made Del Prime' it literally accentuates God’s gift of music in me, Mark Singleton aka Touch is beyond a master guitar builder and craftsman when it comes to expert design & electronics, now that I own my own custom Singleton, my other name brand axes just don't match up! Thanks Touch

Horward Westbrook / Guitarist

  • Marvin Gaye

  • Rose Royce


This guitar is the combination of  everything that I could want in a custom instrument! Stellar build quality that is top notch with versatility and a gorgeous finish. The playability is fantastic, the tuning stability is otherworldly and I can practically get any sound- thick clean humbucking tone, spanky strat tones and it can handle high gain tones nicely. I play many different styles and genres, so versatility and reliability are hyper-important to me. My Scorpius Rising7 does this better than any guitar I've played. If you want an instrument that has excellent quality and tone I recommend getting a Singleton!

~Lemek Yisrael~

    Lemek Yisrael

  • Recording artist

The Singleton Satari Rising, it's the most dynamic and versatile guitar I've ever owned. I've had/have them all, but this guitar is amazing even when played unplugged the sustain is forever resonating on my chest! I also love the Tuning machines which allows me to fine tune my axe. Sounds great in any amp I played out of. This is the Most complete axe I've owned It's a beast, I love the balance and weight. Mr Singleton is a genius!   

 ~Wil Crosby~

Wil Crosby / Guitarist

  • BB King Blues Band

  • Aretha Franklin


This Axe is the Lamborghini of Basses

~Victor "X Man" Taylor

Victor Taylor / Bassist

  • the X Man

First of all the sound!!
This Bass cuts through the mix like no other I've owned!
I really knew it was meant to be when all my dream equipment was in it. Seriously it's not only a deep monster of a bass, but my peers and those I work with always comment on the beauty of this bass So I'm more than happy with my experience with this Singleton Bass!
~Darnell Stoxstell~

Darnell  "Stox" Stoxstell / Bassist

  • Musical Director Summer Walker

  • Session Musician

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