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Artist Program

Thank you for your interest in Singleton Guitars! We are always impressed with the “New Crop” of talented young players in this Country and around the World!  With this program we work with you to purchase a Singleton Instrument at artist pricing.


We are looking for those artists who are touring/gigging on a regular basis at the national or international level and/or doing top-tier studio work.  The primary focus of this program is to increase brand awareness nationally and internationally.


If you would like to be considered for our Artist Program, please submit an electronic “artist package” to our email address ( The artist package should contain all information you feel is most pertinent to our review and decision-making process, including but not limited to:












Also, clearly indicate how you heard about Singleton Guitars. 


Please understand that our review is subjective in nature and we can’t accept everyone into our Artist Program … but we’re happy to give everyone reasonable consideration. 


Thank you again for your interest in Singleton Guitars!


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